Challenging convention

Pyrotec PackMark, June 21, 2019: Today’s consumers not only look for but also expect the newest, fastest, most convenient and fashionable products in virtually every category at retail. Companies that are not innovating are in danger of being eclipsed by competitors and agile start-ups. While innovation may be key to a company’s success – whether
Pyrotec PackMark, May 2019: CimPak pallet labelling systems from Markem-Imaje are available in South Africa from Pyrotec PackMark. Earning a reputation for quality and reliability in the toughest manufacturing environments, the CimPak pallet labelling systems’ design offers a flexible, scalable solution for achieving the ultimate traceability in warehousing and inventory control. CimPak’s proven design delivers
Pyrotec PackMark, February 2019: The pinnacle of successful marketing is to attract loyal customers who consistently purchase products from their favourite brands. For brand owners to achieve this highly-coveted position in today’s competitive retail environment, they need to continuously engage with consumers to identify their needs and expectations, and then meaningfully respond to their emotional
As a high-volume manufacturing process, extrusion requires product marking equipment that performs optimally at high speeds in demanding environments. Manufactures in the pipe, cable, tube or profile industries, need a coding solution that meets these demands and offers an attractive total cost of ownership. The Markem-Imaje small-character-inkjet 9450 E, available exclusively in southern Africa from
At Pyrotec PackMark, South Africa’s local distributor of the Markem-Imaje range of high-quality coding and marking equipment, we know that coding bottles is extremely important and that choosing the best coding solution can be challenging for beverage manufacturers. There are several factors that play into the coding technology you choose, including factory environment, substrate, available
The ultra-portable Anser U2 Mobile hand-held printer, available from Pyrotec PackMark, is the world’s lightest and most compact printer. It weighs in at just 1kg and is easy to handle and use on even the trickiest print surfaces. It can be carried anywhere and prints at any angle on a variety of substrates and products.
Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) is a digital printing process that offers an alternative to hot stampers and other traditional analogue printing techniques. Thermal transfer overprinting works by creating high-quality and high-definition marks, codes and images by transferring ink onto a flexible substrate from a coated ribbon. This ribbon is covered with a wax-resin compound, or
Coding, marking and labelling is essential to the supply chain of any FMCG product – from raw material to the end user.  At every stage of its life, coding, marking and labelling equipment and materials are used to identify, trace, ship and market the product. It’s therefore essential that the equipment you install is fit